This is Your Moment

For better or worse, our lives change in an instant. Whether those changes are something we make or have been thrust upon us, we adapt and move forward.

These moments can be a new life, a death, an accident, a planned move, a new venture, unexpected news, or an idea.

We experience most moments without a skip in our routine and other moments stop us in our tracks. One of those moments is when we finally realize and accept that we have hearing loss, see how it negatively impacts our lives, and know we must do something about it for the sake of the quality of our lives.

When that moment strikes, it is the result of our awareness to the facts that we have:
• Heard the concerns of our loved ones about our inability to hear and understand.
• Compensated by asking for repetition of what was asked or stated.
• Turned up the volume on the television to a level higher than what others need.
• Faked our way through a conversation.
• Avoided social gatherings because we cannot understand what people say.
• Become fatigued at the end of the day because we listen so intently.
• Experienced embarrassment of our inappropriate responses to what we can’t hear.

With all those things to consider, we know our moment has arrived when we finally decide to do something. That MOMENT is now yours. Over the past 25 years, digital amplification has been introduced, been refined some twenty-plus generations, and become the mainstay for all hearing-impaired people. There are about six major manufacturers of digital products. In my experience of fitting thousands of patients, there are three excellent companies in that group. I have selected one that has unveiled something new and light-years beyond the others.

Widex will be launching their newest product called – MOMENT. I’m providing a sneak preview here.

This new digital device is the most advanced available from the hearing industry today. The technology produces a customized sound that is pure and natural like you should hear it. There is a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity allowing streaming with your iPhone and other accessories. It is prepared for future connections with select Android devices. The hearing aid is moisture resistant for less corrosion and more durability enabling a longer life. For those wearers preferring not to change batteries or may experience manual dexterity issues handling small objects, the receiver-in-the-canal aid is rechargeable.

Depending upon the model selected and fitted, there are two apps available based upon the style of device. The patient can use their iPhone or Android as a remote control. The app allows you to reset the sound, save your changes as a personal program, mute, control volume, equalizer control, make general sound adjustments, program selection, and more. This free app is available to you, the reader, to download and demonstrate for yourself. For iPhone users, go to your App Store and search Widex. Look for the MOMENT app and download it. There is a demo that you can use to see how it works. Android users will go to their Google Play Store and do the same thing. There is tech support available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This is an exciting time to acquire better hearing. The future we have been waiting for in technological advancements for hearing aids has been with us for several years. The refinement of the product is ongoing.

If you are suffering from hearing loss and the constant difficulty present, isn’t time you seized your MOMENT for a better quality of life?